Jewelry Sparke(Cream)

What is Jewelry Sparkle(Cream)?

Jewelry Sparkle(cream) is an abrasive free metal polish that removes surface scratches, oxidation, tarnish, and light rust from any kind of metal. With its micro polishing component and waxing formula, Jewelry Sparke(cream) not only restores the condition of your Jewelry but also shields it against outdoor harsh conditions.

What does it work for?

Jewelry Sparkle works for precious & any other kind of metal plus surfaces.

  • Jewelry: Rings, earings, necklecess, bracelets & watches.
  • Metal: Gold, silver, white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, chrome, copper, brass, pewter, Titanium, Tungsten.
  • Surfaces: Chandeleers, candle sticks, door knobs, bottom of iron, appliances, headlights, auto, boat, cycle, gun bluin, dinnerwear, Silverwear, golf clubs.
  • Other:


Simply apply a small amount of the cream directly onto the surface and buff with a dry cloth until desired results are achieved. Start with a small amount, add more if needed.

Reasons to choose Jewelry Sparkle products