Jewelry Sparke(liquid)

What is Jewelry Sparkle(liquid)?

Jewelry Sparkle(liquid) is a chemical free jewelry & glass cleaner with powerful cleaning agents that provents fog and fingerprints & lets your jewelry reflect light naturaly by targeting and getting rid of only the necessary. For example, lotion, hand sanitizer, sweat, dust, soap, skin acid, and rain acid. Jewelry Sparkle(liquid) also pretects your stones 24/7 from harsh chamicals that cause precious stones to lose clearity and costume jewelry to discolorate.

What does it work for?

Jewelry Sparkle works for all kinds of jewelry(antique, fine, costume, etc...), all types of lenses, and all electronic screens.

  • Jewelry: Rings, earings, necklecess, bracelets & watches.
  • Metal: Gold, silver, white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, chrome.
  • Stones: Dimonds, emerald, rubies, sapphire, jade, onix, perls, opals, turquises, etc...
  • Glasses: Eye glasses, sunglasses, & bonoculars for both plastic and glass lenses.
  • Windshields: Car, boat, motorcycle, and aircraft windshields.
  • Screens: Tv, computer, tablet, camera, & phone screens.
  • Surfaces: Bathroom mirrors, glass top tables, shower glass doors, microwave doors, ceiling fans(won't catch dust for three months), and granit.
  • Other: Masks(scuba, ski, hockey, etc...)


Jewelry: Spray, brush, rinse, and buff dry. OK TO SOAK!

Perls & Opals: Spray, rub with fingers, rinse, and buff dry. DO NOT SOAK! DO NOT BRUSH! Though, settings can be brushed.

Glasses & Masks: Spray both lenses on both sides and buff dry. No rinsing is required. Micro-fiber clothes are highly recommended for drying.

Screens: Spray then wipe with a dry cotton cloth.

Surfaces: Spray then wipe with a dry cloth.

Reasons to choose Jewelry Sparkle products